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May 23 2018

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the fellowship of the ring (2001)

“look after the others, especially sam. he will not understand.”

man i wish i could afford to get certified in dealing with electronic medical records because holy shit would it make my life easier


I Am Closing My Eyes … Counting To Threen … And Inflitrating Other Universe

May 22 2018

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preparing for a personal reading
#witchy #tarot #tarotreadersofinstagram #tarotcards #altars #crystals

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Ritual bath for grounding 🍊🌻✨🍋

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I normally do these fortunes on bus transfers, but I found some of Jodi’s parking stubs in the truck and decided to do a couple of those too.

anyways today’s been shite send me nice stuff

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miz going through a whole range of emotions

May 21 2018

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Sing Street (2016) dir. John Carney

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cons of tapeworm

-regular parasite stuff. I don’t want to bore you

pros of tapeworm

-friend inside

-never lonely

this is sort of a random (but totally serious) question but for any followers or listeners who consider themselves trans girls: if you were a magical girl what would your transformation sequence be like? what are your favorite aspects of magical girl narratives? what do you dislike about them?

windandwine replied to your post “anyways me borfday is coming up and so ill post this thing but obvs…”
ohhhh we can send u to hell!! how exciting

*emperor palpatine voice* do it

windandwine replied to your post “windandwine replied to your post “Would you accept an apology from…”
he got what he deserved, remember t swizzle thing? ye. karma

ok full disclosure he didn’t deserve it but he got what he signed up for. it was hubris.

May 20 2018

protip if u were mean to me in like a past life or something and you feel sorry pay me or something instead of making me do the emotional labor of absolving you of whatever dumb stunt you pulled.

windandwine replied to your post “Would you accept an apology from someone who hurt you badly years ago?…”
Tom H finally coming thru with an apology for not putting that stubble where it belongs

the only man on this earth who actually owes me an apology.


anyways me borfday is coming up and so ill post this thing but obvs liquid capital is also lovely bc i got bills to pay and what not

ive been informed that the shipping address on this thing wasnt set properly but now it should be correct and things wont be sent to purgatory.

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haha oh my god, I love this fuckin guy. there he goes…leaving all the bull shit behimd him.

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